The Summer Essentials


Make sure to keep your skin healthy and glowing all summer long! Our Summer Essentials Bundle includes our Organic Sunblock, and our 2 newest products, Sundown Lotion and Tahitian Tanning Lotion! Grab our organic summer skin products now and save when you buy all three!

About Each Product :

Organic Sunblock: Our organic sunblock is Zinc based and covers a wide SPF range. Mixing in deeply hydrating oils, this citrus based sunblock will protect you while invigorating your senses!

Sundown Lotion: Nothing is worse than getting eaten alive after a day in the sun! Our Sundown Lotion is an after sun, burn healing, bug repelling moisturizer. But unlike other brands that focus on citronella bases, our organic Sundown Lotion keeps a summer scent with its lavender and peppermint base. This product will help stop itching, heal burns, moisturize and keep your tan skin glowing with radiance.

Tahitian Tanning Lotion: Our organic tanning lotion is a must-have for anyone trying to catch some rays! Using Tahitian secrets for sun protection that won't affect your tan, these deeply nourishing ingredients will leave you tan as a goddess, with softer smoother and more radiant skin!

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