Pain Relief Body Lotion



Pain Relief Body Lotion

Find quick relief with our Pain Relief Body Lotion. When too many workouts have left you sore, a recent twist has left your ankle stiff, or Arthritis inflammation is acting up massage the cooling lotion onto affected areas to penetrate deep to soothe, reducing stiffness, soreness and improving mobility.

Let healing and anti-inflammatory herbal extracts and essential oils be your go-to partner for headache relief from back and neck tension, muscle soreness and to reduce inflammation, pain and speed healing from acute injuries such as sprains or bruises.

Soothes and cools inflammation to ease soreness and pain to keep you moving all day long.
Promotes circulation & joint health to increase mobility for your active lifestyle.
Enhances workouts & sport performance so you can go farther.

Moisturizes & Softens | Non-Greasy | Light Scent | Home or Professional Use.
99% Natural | Organic | Full Spectrum Extraction Technology.

Apply gently all over body daily as a regular lotion or when needed.

For best results, soak away muscle soreness and tension prior to applying our Pain Relief Body Lotion with our Pain Relief Hydrotherapy Bath Soak: