Lemon Lavender Effervescent Salt Soak



Lemon Lavender Effervescent Salt Soak

Bring home the beach with this single use effervescent salt soak. Use Lemon Lavender scented mineral salts to enjoy the relaxing, detoxifying benefits of the sea at home. Cover yourself head to toe in bubbles scented of fresh lemon and soothing lavender. This is a gorgeous blend of relaxation and energy in one.

TO DETOX Detoxification of your body through bathing is an ancient remedy. Enjoy the benefits of the sea in your own home.

TO RELAX Fill tub with comfortably hot water. Add contents of Salt Soak to a running stream of bath water. Enjoy being covered in all-natural foaming bubbles.

Bath tip: Pour directly under running facet to agitate the power formula to create more bubbles.