Flying Crane Teapot



Flying Crane Teapot

Enjoy the beauty and elegance of our Flying Crane Ceramic Teapot, a unique and exquisite teapot that will enhance your tea experience. This teapot is made of ceramic, has a capacity of 8 oz, which is perfect for one or two cups of tea. It measures 5.3 in x 2.9 in, which makes it easy to handle and store. It is not intended to be used on stove top, as it may damage the ceramic material.

The most striking feature of our Flying Crane Ceramic Teapot is its design, which is inspired by the crane, a legendary bird in Chinese culture. The crane is venerated as the prince of all feathered creatures and thus has a legendary status. Embodying longevity and peace, it is the second most favored bird symbol after the phoenix. Throughout the imperial times, crane motifs were used on the robes of civil officials to depict their ranks. Because of its ability to fly high and over long distances, its wings were used as an amulet for protection against exhaustion.

Our Flying Crane Ceramic Teapot captures the essence of the crane, with its graceful shape and delicate details. The spout and the handle are shaped like the crane’s neck and head, with a small beak and a red crown. The body of the teapot is decorated with a blue and white pattern of flying cranes and clouds, symbolizing freedom and harmony. The lid of the teapot has a small knob that resembles a crane’s egg, representing fertility and prosperity.

To use our Flying Crane Ceramic Teapot, simply follow these instructions:

  • Rinse the teapot with hot water to warm it up and remove any dust or dirt.
  • Add your favorite tea leaves to the teapot, according to the recommended amount and type of tea.
  • Pour hot water over the tea leaves, filling the teapot to about 80% of its capacity. Leave some space for the tea leaves to expand and the water to circulate.
  • Cover the teapot with the lid and let it steep for the appropriate time, depending on the type and strength of tea you prefer.
  • Pour the tea into your cup and enjoy. You can also use a strainer to filter out the tea leaves if you wish.

You can also enhance your tea experience with our Flying Crane Ceramic Teapot by adding some extras, such as:

  • Adding honey, lemon, or milk to your tea for extra flavor and health benefits.
  • Using a tea cozy to keep your teapot warm and cozy while steeping or serving.
  • Pairing your tea with some snacks, such as cookies, cakes, or fruits, for a delightful tea time.
  • Displaying your teapot as a decorative piece when not in use, as it is a beautiful and elegant artwork.