Firming Body Scrub



Firming Body Scrub

Got dimples on the wrong cheeks? If you're like most women (and men), the thought of warmer weather brings a dribble of sweat to your brow as higher temps lead to more exposure of your ripples and dimples. Stress less and tighten, tone and firm loose, sagging, crepey skin and the dreaded "orange peel" effect naturally while also improving the appearance of unsightly varicose and spider veins.

Exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal fresher, healthier skin as you begin to tighten, tone and firm when used in combination with our Firming Body Mask and Firming Lotion. With regular use, dimply skin; the hallmark of cellulite and veins becomes less visible and appears more smooth as skin tone and texture improve. Start today to get smoothed and softened.

Massage a quarter-size amount in a circular motion gently then rinse.
Use consistently for best results. Initial results are seen within a few days of use and more intensely seen when using the 3-step system and used for 12-weeks or more. Once firming is achieved; continue to use a few times a week to help maintain firmness, soften and moisturize.
For best results use in combination with the Firming Body Mask and Firming Body Lotion: