Wilmax - 4 piece Thermo Glass Asian Tea Entertaining Set for 2



Wilmax - 4 piece Thermo Glass Asian Tea Entertaining Set for 2

If you are looking for a stylish and versatile set to entertain your guests with tea or other beverages, you will love our Wilmax - 4 piece Thermo Glass Asian Tea Entertaining Set for 2. This set consists of four items: a 54 fl oz (1600 ml) thermo glass teapot, two 10.1 fl oz (300 ml) thermo glass cups. The set is designed to showcase the beauty and quality of your drinks, as well as the food or other items you decide to put inside these amazing vessels.

The thermo glass teapot and cups are made of double-walled glass, which is produced with a layer of vacuum trapped between two pieces of hand-blown glass. This creates an insulation effect that keeps your drinks hot or cold for longer, while preventing condensation and heat transfer to the outer surface. The glass is also transparent, allowing you to see the color and texture of your drinks, as well as the tea leaves or fruits inside. The glass is also durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.

The teapot has a sleek and elegant shape, with a curved handle and a round lid. It has a strainer at the base of its spout, which filters out any tea leaves or particles, ensuring a smooth and clear brew. The lid also has a vent hole, which allows the steam to escape and prevents the pressure from building up inside the teapot. The teapot has a capacity of 54 fl oz (1600 ml), which is perfect for serving several cups of tea or other drinks.

The cups have a simple and modern design, with a smooth rim and a round base. They fit comfortably in your hand and have a capacity of 10.1 fl oz (300 ml), which is ideal for enjoying your drinks.

You can enjoy this 4 piece set in many ways. It makes a perfect presentation of your favorite Crescendumlife tea, such as green, oolong, or black, with the large teapot and the cups. You can also use it to serve other colorful drinks, such as sangria, lemonade, or fruit juice, with the fruits or herbs visible in the glass. Your only limit is your imagination. Anything is possible with this amazing presentation set. From hot and cold liquids to desserts and even dry herbs, you can use this set to create a stunning and memorable experience for yourself and your guests.