Immune Boosting Respiratory Inhalant Rub



Immune Boosting Respiratory Inhalant Rub

When you're all stuffed up and can hardly breathe, reach for this all-natural respiratory inhalant rub for quick relief that lasts. Open and clear respiratory airways and soothe coughs with this aromatherapy balm that will rejuvenate your senses and revive your spirit.

This soothing balm opens airways and refreshes; all without synthetic fragrance, petroleum products, or solvents. Let the concentrated essential oils blast you with powerful, herbal relief to soothe coughs, tension, tightness, and congestion.

Apply a small amount onto chest, neck, and under nose then breathe deep.

For best results combine with our Imm-Prove Immune Boosting Hydrotherapy Bath Soak and Imm-Prove Immune Boosting Body Lotion: